Following are unabridged messages of appreciation from recent clients.

“I am 8 months post surgery for the removal of my thyroid and everything I have tried has had a minimal effect on my scar. I have been delighted that after using the Desert Survivor Bush Oil that my scar has significantly faded and skin has repaired. It only took one week to see these significant results. I can highly recommend this product for anyone recovering from surgery for optimal scar healing. Thank you!” Maria


“I have just had a session with Gia, and after many years of suffering anxiety, and skeletal and muscle pain, and a week of excessive joint stress, I emerged refreshed and relaxed. The experience was revitalising and invigorating, and the deep muscle tissue massage relieved muscle and joint pain I  had been experiencing for many weeks, and in some cases, chronically over years. This together with Gia’s calming and spiritual character, combined with an emotionally relaxing atmosphere resulted in the relief of stress and pain I haven’t  experienced in many years. Thank you Gia”


“At 41 years I got the biggest wake up call of my life. I was faced with Thyroid Cancer and felt overwhelmed by the diagnosis and treatment that followed. Gia provided me with a safe haven and the tools to empower myself in how to approach this situation. I am no longer terrified of the “C” word and have found a new level of assertiveness in my healing journey. The regular counselling and massage therapy Gia provided has given me the education but also the much needed respite as I faced each stage of my treatment. Gia supported me with the most caring, empathetic and practical approach at a time that I most needed it. She went above and beyond in many ways. I wholeheartedly recommend Integrative Mind Body Therapies with Gia Pyrlis.”


“I have been receiving treatment from Gia for my back and neck issues. She uses a variety of modalities such as East and West Traditional cupping, Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial release which helps relieve any pain I experience. I find her massage deeply relaxing which helps manage my stress and relieve any tight muscles.”


“I am a 76 year old woman and wanted to avoid knee surgery. After seeing Gia for 3 sessions I stopped using a walking stick and my knees were not painful. She recommended treatment every 3 weeks of Craniosacral therapy, gentle massage and the use of fisiocreme daily. It’s been 5 years now and with massage and physiotherapy, I have been able to manage my pain and recently travelled overseas, something I never thought I would do again. Thank you Gia!”


“Gia is passionate about what she does and is one of the few people in this line of work who can authentically tap into what her clients need. She has an ability to create a healing and relaxing space. I have been seeing Gia for massage and cupping for nearly 12 months. I highly recommend her cupping treatment which has given me much muscle relief when nothing else would last.
Gia is a kind and genuine practitioner and I have not hesitated to recommended her to friends and family.”
Sandra F


“I would like to provide herein details regarding the benefits of seeing Gia Pyrlis for both Counselling and Remedial Massage Therapy since February 2016. I had work related matters to deal with since the start of the new 2016 year. Since seeing Gia I am happy to state the matter has now been resolved. I was experiencing difficulties and needed some advise. I received strategies from Gia that I put in place immediately. Within days I achieved the results I wanted. I can verily state that if I had not made the decision to contact Gia at that time I would not have resolved this stressful difficult work related issue. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself to move forwards and hence to find relief and success. Re her Remedial Massage sessions, well what can I say, I feel like I’m in heaven. They are so relaxing.

I have also utilised Gia Pyrlis’ services for my girl to help my daughter with both schooling and personal issues she is currently experiencing and have found that Gia Pyrlis has connected with my daughter beautifully. They have a special bond which is present and essential. Gia has a gift and am looking forward to great results for my teenager to transition slowly and smoothly into adulthood. May I say my daughter is loving the conversations and massages she is having with this lovely lady Gia Pyrlis.

Gia, we are forever thankful.”


“Gia’s treatments at Integrative Mind Body Therapies have been most beneficial for both my body and my mind. Her remedial and counselling expertise are vast and I highly recommend seeking her out for treatment.”